Wayne State University

Building Operations and Maintenance

Over 10,000 people use the Student Center each day. It's the job of the Student Center Building operations staff to make sure all rooms are properly set up and the building is operating smoothly. The following services are also offered by the operations team:

Building access

Access to the Student Center during regular operational hours is open to the entire campus community. However, certain floors have restricted access during certain hours, even though the main floors may be open. The Student Center is closed on holidays. For access issues and questions, please call 313-577-4585.

Building maintenance

If you have a non-emergency request for maintenance, you can submit it online. If the request is an emergency, please call 313-577-4585 to report it.

Submit a work order

For heating and cooling issues, please submit an online, HVAC Incident Request.

Custodial services

General building cleaning, carpet and floor care, spills, and all other housekeeping duties are performed by the custodial department of Facilities Planning and Management. For housekeeping and general sanitation assistance or concerns, please call Building Operations at 313-577-4585.


For easy access to the lower level and upper floors, public elevators are located in the north lobby of the Student Center. All other elevators are restricted to staff and authorized personnel only. If you require assistance or wish to report any problems with the elevators, please call Student Center Administration at 313-577-4585.

Dock access

The Student Center loading dock is accessible from 7:00AM to 7:00PM Monday through Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday for pick-ups and deliveries, loading and unloading, and all other services that require entry to the facility from the loading dock. No general parking is allowed in this area. All unauthorized vehicles will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense. For more information, view the dock access map and procedures.


The Student Center depends on Wayne State University Police (WSUPD) as our immediate source for reporting any and all security concerns. To report suspicious persons and objects, please contact WSUPD directly at 313-577-2222. Be sure to give as enough descriptive information as possible without putting yourself or anyone else in danger.

Student Center staff can also be contacted at 313-577-4585 for any assistance regarding building security questions.