Wayne State University

Reservation policies

Below are the policies associated with each space available for reservation:

Student Center policies
St. Andrew's Hall policies
Community Arts Auditorium policies

Food Waiver

Student Center Food Policy - Effective January 12, 2015

St. Andrew's Hall and Community Arts Food Policy - Effective November 1, 2014

Cancellation Policy
Reservations make use of many services such as room set-up, audio-visual assistance, food service, building management and maintenance. Furthermore, staff members spend a considerable amount of time processing the paperwork involved in such requests.

Failure to cancel a reservation at least one full business day prior to the scheduled event or not showing up to claim the space within 30 minutes of the reserved start time may result in the assessment of an administrative fee. The fee will be determined based on room type, equipment ordered and labor involved.

A history of cancellations and/or no-shows may result in refused future reservation requests for the remainder of the semester in which the infractions occur and upon review of either the Dean of Students Office advisor or the director of the Student Center.

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Alcohol Policy
Any group requesting to serve alcohol must follow the steps below: