Student Center Dock Access

Dock Access

For access, use the intercom located at the Loading Dock Gate. Appropriate reasons for access are listed below.

Contact Information:

Student Center Administration at (313) 577-4585

Or the Loading Dock Office at (313) 577-8667

Dock Hours: M-F 7:00AM-7:00PM; Closed Saturday and Sunday.

All vehicles must turn off their engines while in the dock. 

Important Reminders:

  • The Student Center loading dock bay area is for deliveries and loading/unloading of vehicles only. The loading dock is not a parking facility. No unattended vehicles are permitted in the loading dock and all vehicles must turn off their engines during loading/unloading. 

  • After hours deliveries must be coordinated with the department receiving the delivery and the Student Center Administration office, 313-577-4585. Anyone requesting this service on a regular interval must receive approval in writing from a full-time member of the Student Center Administration. 

  • There are four (4) available parking spaces and three (3) ADA (disability) parking spots located on the west side of the Student Center Building. These spaces are maintained by the Student Center, fall within the purview of Parking and Transportation Services, and are intended for university vehicles and/or business use only. University employees/students may not park their personal vehicles in this area without an appropriate permit. 

  • General visitors to the Student Center must utilize parking structure 2, 5, lot 41, or use a timed space.

  • Parking space assignment(s) will be coordinated through the Loading Dock Office. If available, a parking space will be assigned by an authorized Loading Dock employee and a Student Center Parking Permit will be issued to the requesting party. Vehicle and Driver information will be logged and tracked accordingly.

  • For a full list of Student Center Loading Dock Access Policies and Procedures, please view the full policies here.

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