Digital Signage Promotion

Student Organizations can take advantage of the new digital signage in the Student Center. Please fill out the form below to submit your art. Designs should be in 16:9 format with a minimum resolution of 720 pixels by 405 pixels at a resolution of 72 dpi and submitted as a .png or .jpeg file. Art that is not formatted correctly may not be approved. Preference is given to student organization events across campus. Departments wishing to utilize this opportunity must be advertising an event being held in the Student Center that is within 2 weeks of the desired start date. All art submitted is subject to approval by the Student Center Administration.

Signage Template (.pptx)


Art that is not sized properly can be emailed to SCGraphics to be resized for a fee. Resized art will need to be resubmitted after SCGraphics makes the necessary modifications.

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