Reservation policies

Below are the policies associated with each space available for reservation:

Student Center policies
St. Andrew's Hall policies
Community Arts Auditorium policies

  • Alcohol Policy

    Any group requesting to serve alcohol must follow the steps below:

    • Groups may not bring their own alcohol into at any University owned building on the Main Campus or Medical/Pharmacy Campus or WSU owned building in the City of Detroit.
    • Must fill out a Request to Serve Alcohol form provided by WSU Dining Services.
    • Must hire WSU Dining Services to purchase and serve the alcohol.
    • No admission fees can be charged if alcohol is being served at an event in Student Center Building.
  • Cancellation Policy

    Reservations make use of many services such as room set-up, audio-visual assistance, food service, building management and maintenance. Furthermore, staff members spend a considerable amount of time processing the paperwork involved in such requests.

    Failure to cancel a reservation at least one full business day prior to the scheduled event or not showing up to claim the space within 30 minutes of the reserved start time may result in the assessment of an administrative fee. The fee will be determined based on room type, equipment ordered and labor involved.

    A history of cancellations and/or no-shows may result in refused future reservation requests for the remainder of the semester in which the infractions occur and upon review of either the Dean of Students Office advisor or the director of the Student Center.

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  • Food and Beverage Policy - Updated July 30th, 2019

    The purpose of the Student Center Food Policy as outlined below is to provide opportunities for meetings and events with food that can be held safely, consistent with Public Health Department guidelines, and without undue potential for damage to Student Center space.

    Wayne State Catering is the sole provider of food totaling $200 or more in Student Center managed spaces (including snacks).

    Policies for food under $200

    • Permitted foods
      • Non-perishable snacks including chips, candy, soft drinks, donuts, cookies, cupcakes and sheet cakes.
      • Pre-packaged, store-purchased cheese trays, vegetable trays, fruit trays, individually packaged salsa and individually packaged hummus.
      • Pizza is permitted but must be served with serving utensils (e.g. spatula) and gloves. Pizza must be served immediately upon delivery to the room.
      • Under $200 worth of food purchased from only the following local campus vendors: Al-Basha Subs, Dunkin' Donuts, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Freshii, Delite Café, Jimmy Johns, LaPita Fresh, Panda Express, Starbucks (Ghafari & Student Center), Subway, Taco Bell, Wingstop. Food must be served immediately upon delivery to the room and a receipt from the purchase must be kept with the food at all times.
    • The following items are NOT permitted in any Student Center meeting rooms.
      • Food that requires refrigeration or warming to maintain proper health regulation temperature, unless provided by Wayne State Catering or the above-approved locations.
      • Heating units (e.g. crock pots, skillets & serving dishes with warmers), unless provided by Wayne State Dining Services or the above-approved locations.
    • Waivers to the Food Policies for food purchases under $200 can be requested at

    Food valued at $200 or more must be provided by WSU Catering Services.

    • Waivers to the Food Policies for food purchases over $200 can be requested through Wayne State Catering by submitting the online form at
    • If an event receives an approved catering waiver a secondary approval must be issued by the campus food safety officer by one of the following three ways.
      • Automatic food safety officer approval is granted for food purchased from the following local campus vendors including Al-Basha Subs, Delite Café, Jimmy Johns and LaPita Fresh.
      • A review of the new caterer must be conducted and approved by the campus food safety officer.
      • A temporary food license must be issued by the campus food safety officer.
    • For questions regarding food waivers please contact WSU Catering at 313-577-2400.
    • Food must be served immediately upon delivery to the room and a receipt from the purchase must be kept with the food at all times.

    WSU and its employees and agents are released and indemnified from any and all liability for claims or damage including injury or illness associated with the consumption of food or beverage provided for any meeting or event by the student organization, department or outside organization.

    If you have questions regarding the above Food Policies please contact Student Center Administration at 313-577-4585 or at

    Waiver request for food NOT TO EXCEED $200

    Waiver request for food EXCEEDING $200

  • Fronting Policy

    Student organizations and/or University departments may not serve as "fronts" for off-campus organizations and/or departments in order to gain use of meeting space or information tables. Meetings and events reserved by University student organizations or departments must fall under both of the following guidelines:

    • The event/meeting must be conceptualized, planned and managed by the student organization or department and must truly be an organization or department initiative.
    • Any costs associated with the event/meeting must be paid by the student organization and/or department.

    If Student Center Administration suspects and/or believes that a student organization and/or department is fronting, reservation capabilities for that organization and/or department will be revoked. Student organizations and/or organizers may also face student code of conduct charges.

  • Literature Tables

    Student Organizations and Departments reserving literature tables are allowed two reservations per week. Each reservation is limited to 3 hours.

  • St. Andrews & Community Arts Presidential Pilot Program

    The President’s Office has allocated limited funding for a pilot program for student organizations to use St. Andrews and Community Arts. While funds last student organizations will be given the opportunity for the 2019/2020 academic year to host events in either location with facility rental fees waived. 


    1. Student organizations must be recognized through the DOSO process and be in good standing.
    2. Only events located in St. Andrews or Community Arts will be eligible for funding. Practices, general body meetings, dress rehearsals, etc. will not be eligible for funding.
    3. Event must be free to participants and have an estimated attendance of 200 or more in Community Arts and 75 or more in St. Andrews.
    4. Each registered organization is eligible for up to two events, but cannot exceed $1000 total waived fees.
    5. This funding is for the venue only and cannot be used for additional AV support, Campus Safety or FP&M charges.
  • Student Organization Recurring Reservation Policy

    Student Organizations may make up to two recurring reservations per week. If additional recurring reservations are needed please contact Student Center Administration at 313-577-4585. Additional meetings can be added week of if space is available.

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