Mobile Food Truck Reservations

The Student Center strives to bring the campus community a variety of food truck vendors at a number of locations throughout the main and medical campus.  To become a licensed food truck on campus, you must complete the application process and be approved by the Office of Risk Management.

The application will require a food service license, valid driver's license and a copy of the food truck menu to be submitted electronically at the time of application. After completing the online form, a representative from the Student Center will contact you regarding your application and will assist you in the scheduling process. 

Food Truck Vendor Application

2021 Food Truck Schedule

Due to the university being mostly virtual for the winter semester, we will not be scheduling food trucks on campus. We anticipate starting the schedule again for the fall 2021 semester. If you are interested in becoming a food truck on campus please fill out the above application. 


What does being an approved food truck vendor include?

Becoming a WSU approved food truck vendor provides access to the campus resources necessary to be compliant with University policies and procedures. Approved food trucks will be granted access to the campus reservation system, a valid pass to display while parked on campus and inclusion in various campus marketing materials.

Where can trucks park and how much does a daily reservation cost?

Approved food trucks can park at designated areas on campus that serve several areas. Food trucks can make up to two reservations per week in advance.  Reservations are made on a first-come-first-served basis. Please see the chart below to see the locations, reservable days and the primary campus buildings served by the location.


Days Available:

Daily Rate:

Area Serves:

Williams Mall East

Monday through Friday


Central campus including general purpose classroom buildings, libraries and the Student Center

Williams Mall West

Monday through Friday


Central campus including general purpose classroom buildings, libraries and the Student Center

What restrictions are there?

The University has policies and procedures that must be followed by all vendors. Food trucks are required to serve Pepsico beverage products at all locations on campus. Additionally, food trucks must display their approved WSU vendor pass while parked on campus at all times. Violations of policies may result in termination of approved status and a cancellation of future reservations for the remainder of the year.  Refer to the Mobile Food Truck Reservation Contract for the complete terms and conditions.

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